The Kenya Geography and Regions-Mountains, Lakes, Deserts, Savannas

The Kenya Geography is "Wild".
it is in fact Spectacular...
and the regions of Kenya support various type so wildlife.

Imagine what Joseph Thomson thought.
Habitat for Abundant Wildlife, Mountains to Climb, Fossils to find, Coral Beaches , Deserts, Waterfalls, Fragrant plants and flowers.

Throughout Kenya you will find parks for a safari in Kenya, Ancient cities (Ptolomy mentions Mombasa), the Vast Savanna of the Serengeti Plains

Terrain/Elevation Map of Kenya

The Scottish Explorer Joseph Thomson took on a Challenge.

It was the time of the 'Scramble for Africa' and Thomson's orders from the Royal Geological Society were simple:
find a route from Mombasa to Lake Victoria.

At the time, the interior of Kenya was largely unmapped or explored. He was 25 when he left Mombasa. He crossed the coastal plains, the highlands around Nairobi, The Rift Valley, and arrived at the Western Plateau and Lake Victoria. The "round trip" took 14 months.

Follow the Scottish Explorer Joseph Thomson's route from Mombasa to Lake Victoria and you will have seen much of the Kenya geography.

There are the coastal plains, along the Indian Ocean from Somalia to Tanzania.

The elevation of the land rises as you trek toward Nairobi and the
Mountain Ranges- The Aberdare mountains and the Mau Encarpment.

Then there are the high Plateaus where the mountains "level off" and there is the Rift Valley

North of the equator the land is mostly dry with the Chalbi dessert in North Central Kenya.

East of the Rift Valley much of the water flows to the Indian Ocean through the Tana River (Kenya's longest river) and the Galana River. The water drainage in Kenya's Rift Valley flows into a series of lakes within the valley itself.

Water west of the Rift Valley flows into Lake Victoria.

Thomson's explorations opened up much of the interior of Kenya for further exploration. The Aberdare Mountains as we know them were renamed after Lord Aberdare who was President of the Royal Geological Society.

A little about Kenya Culture

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